The Wellington Art Center Opens


Presenting The Wellington- a new art gallery center on Madison Avenue, the premier shopping destination and the highest income zip code in the country. The most prestigious galleries and the biggest names in fashion are housed along the avenue, particularly north from Barneys New York on East 60th Street. With glistening store fronts and some of the world’s most coveted couture, Madison Avenue is the epitome of New York luxury and style.

Now that auction houses routinely charge 25% buyer’s premium, we decided the time is perfect to launch an art gallery center on the Upper East Side. Collectors will mingle with gallerists, auction specialists, and journalists while enjoying drinks, music and sumptuous fare.

Art has become incredibly serious, as prices of select artists have reached unprecedented levels. Because of this, art is being primarily presented online virtually with an emphasis on auction results and endless contradictory scholarly essays.

Art is supposed to be enjoyed in a social environment, experienced viscerally — not hidden in a storage facility in Singapore or Geneva. This is how art was originally presented, and how Wellington became a major dealer of 18th Century English furniture at 121 East 70th Street from 1968-1996.

By bringing participants together in an exciting, uplifting and fun environment, we believe deals will flow.

Won’t you join us? Together — let’s make the art business great again.


Madison Ave live/ art gallery space is available. Floor plan below.

Email or call (212) 628-1060 for details.