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Thomas Sellin


Thomas Sellin earned a B.A. from William and Mary. Like most successful private dealers, he grew up in the business. Graduate studies in art history were completed at Lingua Viva in Florence, Italy and Columbia University. From 1990 to 2008 Thomas worked in finance at Laidlaw, First Albany, Oppenheimer and IPI Skyscraper Mortgage. In 2002 he sold, an online music company. A billionaire investor who has been collecting through Wellington and other dealers for twenty years, praises his ability to obtain works not previously for sale: “When you do a deal with him, there’s no hemming and hawing. He’s extremely knowledgeable and connected. He really delves into things and conducts a staggering amount of research. The good part of that is that it means you get a deal done.” In his spare time he has coached hundreds of children tennis in New York City and the hamptons.



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Pat Chin


Pat Chin ran Randy’s with her husband  Randy Chin who was the son of a carpenter who left mainland China for a brief stay in Cuba, and then permanently settled in the 1920s in Jamaica. As a teenager in the early 1950s, Vincent oversaw the stocking and maintenance of jukeboxes in the island’s bars for Isaac Issa, a prominent Syrian-Jamaican businessman. He kept the excess and replaced records and used them to open up his Randy’s Records store on the corner of East and Tower streets in Kingston in 1958 on (the name coming from an American record store that sponsored an R&B radio show that could be picked up on the island).[His son, Clive Chin, explained: “He kept dem rekadz, and that was the springboard of his bizniss, y’know? 

He began recording local artists, becoming one of the first to issue locally recorded music on the island. Early successes as a producer included ska singles by calypso singer Lord Creator, and one of the first singles issued by Island Records was Creator’s “Independent Jamaica” in 1962, which was produced by Chin. Other early hits included releases by Basil GabbidonJackie OpelJohn Holt, and the duo Alton & Eddie (Alton Ellis and Eddie Perkins). In 1962, Chin relocated the store to a former ice cream parlour at 16–17 North Parade, and he and his wife Patricia set up a recording studio above the shop, which became known locally as Studio 17. By the early 1970s, engineer Errol Thompson had upgraded the studio with more modern equipment, and Clive took a lead production role, with the house band, “Randy’s All-Stars”, including among its members Wailers bassist and keyboard player Aston “Familyman” Barrett and Tyrone Downie, drummer Sly Dunbar, and a young keyboard player named Horace Swaby, later better known as Augustus Pablo. The studio proved popular with many of Jamaica’s leading producers. Lee “Scratch” Perry recorded several tracks there with Bob Marley and the Wailers 1970–71, and other major stars to record there included Gregory IsaacsDennis BrownBurning Spear, and Johnny Nash. The studio was later upgraded to 16 tracks, and was used by Vincent’s eldest son Clive to record Augustus Pablo’s This Is Augustus Pablo debut album in 1973.

The Chin family expanded their business interests into the United States, with the opening of branches of Randy’s run by Vincent’s brothers Victor and Keith. The family later began pressing records and moved into distribution. In 1979, Chin closed the Randy’s studio and moved to New York and with his wife Patricia, opening the VP Records (the initials of Vincent and Patricia) store and label in Queens. VP became the US’s largest reggae record company, and later acquired Greensleeves Records, becoming the world’s largest independent label and distributor of Caribbean music. In. 2002, the label later formed a distribution/marketing partnership with Atlantic Records.

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Carina Brun

Art Advisor

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An Incredible IT Team

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We have an incredible IT Team that specialize in Database Design, Software Architectural Design, Web Development, Server Administration, Linux, Network Administration, Graphic Design, Custom Software Development, Web Application Design, Network Security, Cryptography, SSL Certificates, Database Administration, Oracle MySQL, PostreSQL, Eclipse, Java, Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Concurrent Programming, Stock Trading, Stock Market Analysis, Website Maintenance, Responsive Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.

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Marion Manaeker


The Art Market Monitor seeks to provide a single place to follow public reporting on the art market, chart prices and track the prominence of artists and their work.
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Art Market Monitor is owned by Collé, Höchberg & Grey LLC, a private New York company.

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