Thomas Sellin


Thomas Sellin received a B.A. from William and Mary. Like most successful private dealers, he grew up in the business. Graduate studies in art history were completed at Lingua Viva in Florence, Italy and Columbia University. From 1990 to 2008 Thomas worked in finance at Laidlaw, First Albany, Oppenheimer and IPI Skyscraper Mortgage. In 2002 he sold positivevibrations.com, an online music company. A billionaire investor who has been collecting through Wellington and other dealers for twenty years, praises his ability to obtain works not previously for sale: “He’s extremely knowledgeable and connected. He really delves into things and conducts a staggering amount of research. The good part of that is that it means you get a deal done.” In his spare time he has coached hundreds of children tennis in New York City and the hamptons.



Comprehensive coverage

Purchase – Professional advice on building a new collection, or expanding an existing collection; on art works selected and ways to minimise transaction costs.

Market Advice – Expertise on the sale of a particular work or collection maximizing timing and presentation Trade – Create an individually managed portfolio with specifically tailored requirements, through which to trade art for long-term capital gains and asset protection.

Academic – Diversify and expand collections with the professional knowledge of our many and wide raging contacts in the art world.

Additional Services – Art market expertise relating to valuations, insurance, storing and shipping of fine art works.


IT Team

Analytics and Development

We have an incredible IT Team that specialize in Artificial Intelligence, search algorithims, cognitive processes and pattern recognition Computational Logic, Machine Learning/Computational Logic Combination, Information Retrieval, Computer Accessibility Computer Graphics, Visualization, Virtual Reality, User Interfaces, Multimedia, and Computer Architecture