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Yoshitomo Nara/ Henry Street

April 14, 2020

Happy Fall, You may recall a message I sent on June 14th regarding a rare and important oil painting by Alexander Calder. Wellington Fine Art makes a ...


Andy Warhol vs Dow Jones

April 14, 2020

Dear Subscriber, On Novemer 9, 2018 you received an email regarding the disposition of a client’s Warhol collection. Quite a few of th...


Client Selling Warhols

April 14, 2020

Client selling Warhol collection (917) 583-5301 Please read the important Andrew Warhol market update below For a very long time many of those who are...


Over the past 40 years, we have built a trusted brand name in the high-end sector of the art market with access to a growing, targeted database of collectors.

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FORWARD - John Paulson

I purchased my first Calder in November 1994 at Christie's for our office at 277 Park Avenue shortly after launching Paulson & Co., Inc. The work instantly struck me as it reminded me so much of 60's abstract corporate art. I liked the clean lines, primary colors and spacial overtures. When I started in Wall Street in the early 80's, everyone wanted to look like an old turn of the century bank with dark paneled offices, leather top desks and Persian carpets. I wanted my office to look light and bright, emphasizing the future not the past, and focus on ideas and concepts. Calder expressed these themes perfectly. The painting hung opposite my desk over a couch and I never got tired of looking at it. It was easy to get lost in the painting as one could get lost staring at the universe. As our office expanded over time, more Calders were added to adorn the walls I purchased them from Christie's, Sotheby's, Gagosian, Pace, Tom Sellin, the Calder Foundation, and a few other dealers. Over twenty years, I purchased 85 gouaches and 7 tapestries. Today my office is exclusively Calder.


Randy’s Record Mart was the go-to spot for musicians in Kingston, Jamaica from 1958-1979, the period considered to be the golden age. Pat Chin, the owner of Randy’s, used to make sandwiches for a young man who hung out there named Bob Marley. I was lucky to meet Pat through Kim Gottlieb-Walker whose photos are featured. These are the dreadful acts which propelled my dj business, Positive Vibrations for 25 years in NYC.

Disrupting The Art World With Music

Music emphasizes subject matter hence the entire viewing experience is enhanced. For most people, reggae music has an oddly calming and euphoric effect on the listener. In an increasingly complex and technological world, reggae delivers a simple and down to earth message.

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