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Please read the important Andrew Warhol market update below

For a very long time many of those who are deeply involved in the Warhol market have remarked upon the fact that Warhol’s use of silkscreening has meant that the difference in quality between his serial work on paper and his works on canvas is much smaller than between the usual painter. As the market for Warhol’s paintings rose in value over the last two decades, driving Contemporary art to the forefront of the market, a large chasm opened between the stratospheric prices of the canvases and the quite reasonable prices of the prints. 

Few market participants believe the tapering off of Warhol painting sales is anything more than a reflection of price constricting both supply, few owners want to reduce prices from the current levels, and demand, there are simply not enough buyers at the level where the owners of paintings are willing to sell. 

Buyers have finally woken up to the fact that Warhol prints represent a small compromise in quality for a huge discount in price. That recognition seems to be driving the healthy and sustained demand for Warhol prints we currently see in the market.

Most of Andy Warhol’s prints are more appealing than his paintings in term of subject, palette and composition.