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Yong Jo Ji is represented exclusively by Wellington Fine Art. CALL NOW to consign works for auction and exhibition. The purple abstract works below are from the 2014 series available for sale and rent.


Sotheby’s just reported a 5% increase in lots sold over $1 million and a 13 % increase in the number of buyers at that level. The average price of art sold in the first half of 2017 stabilized vs the entire 2016. New clients grew 4% vs a year ago.

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Please see links of some works featured in the hamptons and articles on Korean minimalism. Details of upcoming press, auctions and exhibits for Yong Jo Ji are available.

As we enter the auction season, our focus is to deliver the best possible service to our clients and position Wellington Fine Art for even greater success as the market continues to improve. We remain focused on continuing to deliver results for our clients.


Thomas Sellin

(212) 628-1060

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Be sure to add us to your contact list and like us so that we may invite you to the opening of the art center on Madison Avenue. 

Wellington Fine Art has partnered with university museums for rotating exhibitions on the Upper East Side. More information is available at the bottom.

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Tom Sellin(212) 628-1060

I have prepared a detailed presentation of, what I believe to be, one of the best opportunities I have come across. This set just sold for a record price and a few individual pieces remain. These works make a wonderful holiday gift!

Sotheby’s and Christies occasionally offer price guarantees as does WFA. A 15/30% return over 3/6 months certainly beats a high yield short term bond fund’s 5% over 5 years, especially when one applies the 20% buyer’s premium.

Lower-priced contemporary art by under-appreciated masters is what is selling now.
Opening The Set Video

Dr. Alex Rosenberg has directed owners to place their collections through Wellington Fine Art.

I have included an auction result as you requested as well as the Salvador Dali price guide front cover and Pantagruel listing.

These works primarily trade privately so there is no auction precedent. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

These works primarily trade privately so there is no auction precedent. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

the rare suite on permanent display in Paris

with a recent opening in Colombia at Gabriel Garcia Marquez



A client with major buying power has hired WFA to find distressed sales of blue chip artwork. Their criteria is around 50% of a recent auction price. Please call (212) 628-1060 if interested.

The Rebirth of Venus by Salvador Dali

Sales of authenticated works by Salvador Dali continue to be strong. Wellington Fine Art has some of the most iconic works available at distressed prices.  These pieces make excellent gifts if you are an uber collector who does not typically buy edition works.

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Beach Nude by Thomas Wesselmann

New York Times The Most Famous Pop Artist You Don’t Know

Art Market Monitor Waiting for Wesselmann



Many collectors are concerned the Salvador Dali market is fairly rife with fake works. While this may be warranted, WFA has gone to extensive lengths to valide the authenticity and superb condition of this important collection. The below works have been certified and appraised by Dr Alex Rosenberg (used by the auction houses), Phyllis Lucas gallery (Dali’s art dealer labels) and The Dali Research Foundation.

Let’s discuss this rare opportunity in person at Art Southampton tonight. (917) 583-5301

Dali, Salvador         
Bullfight # 3 1966
Limited Edition Print – Lithograph on Paper  
Edition #: From the edition of 300  
Hand Signed  Lower Right in Pencil  
Framed with GlassWood
Size: 21.75 x 29.75 in.
Framed Size: 32 x 24 in.  
COA: Yes: Phyllis Lucas Gallery  
Provenanc e: “Bull Fight No. 3” by Salvador Dali, hand signed (lower right) and numbered by the artist (next to the copy right stamp of the publisher Sidney Z. Lucas).
Condition: Excellent  

Salvador Dali The Divine Comedy Purgatory: Canto 24

Artist: Salvador Dali
Medium: Woodcut
Title: Purgatory Canto 24 (L’Arbre du Chatiment)
Portfolio: The Divine Comedy
Year: 1963
Sheet Size: 13″ x 10 1/2″
Reference: Field pg. 189
Signed: Hand signed in ink; authenticated by Bruce Hochman, OS on verso

The Cycles of Life

Etchings and Collage Multimedia on Arches Paper
Size: 21.875 x 14.75 in  |  56 x 37 cm
Framed: 28.5 x 28.5 in  |  72 x 72 cm
Hand Signed : Lower right
Condition: Excellent
Framed with Glass : Archival framing, wood frame with linen matting
Provenance : Registered and signed on verso by Alfred Field of the Salvador Dali Archives. Alfred Field 79-1.
Certificate of Authenticity : Dr Alex Rosenberg and Dali Research Foundation/ Hochman
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Nude At The Window

1970 lithographSize: 93.98 x 72.39 cm. (37 x 28.5 in.)
Hand Signed Certified Dr. Alex Rosenberg

Pilgrim’s Journey

Limited Edition Print
Lithograph on Arches Paper Size: 30.5 x 28.5 in  |  77 x 72 cm
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SEEKING: A Warhol portrait, not a socialite, but from the later years, such as Einstein, Hitchcock, John Lennon.

AVAILABLE: A Basquiat and Frankenthaler canvas. Calder gouaches and Dali lithographs.

AVAILABLE: A Basquiat and Frankenthaler canvas. Calder gouaches and Dali lithographs.

15,900 sq ft total available on six floors.

5,900 sq ft still available for first rate art galleries

(5,000 sq ft leased for leading art finance company)

(5,000 sq ft leased for galleries)

 Please call (212) 628-1060 for details

Our aim is to expedite the current gallery paradigm shift to the Upper East Side. We seek to add value and enhance the lives of our clients and partners.

The two by invitation previews over the past month were very well attended. I am profoundly fortunate to be a part of such a team- a team with the imagination to see what others don’t. Great teams are passionate; they love to solve the important problems of our time.

We decided to go for the best: The best galleries, the best neighborhood, the best architecture, the best events- in order to attract the best people.

The Wellington Month #2 

We are significantly expanding our team of analysts and trusted, knowledgable advisors. Welcome to the age of buyer sophistication, where behaviors and expectations are fueled by the constant information streams at collectors’ fingertips.

The Wellington Art Center (WAC) will be a social listening platform allowing organizations to connect with their clients and build new relationships. Teams that sell together, create trends and win together.

Achieving sales excellence takes a village. High performers are nearly 3x more likely than underperformers to view sales as 100% the responsibility of the entire organization. Winning teams are also connecting with customers. High-Performing Teams Are Always Finding New Ways to Connect with Customers.

Advisors that are rising to the top are those who have mastered a holistic collector approach — they know that today’s sophisticated buyer has an equally complex and unique relationship with their advisor, galleries and auction houses.

Sophisticated customers pervade the market. Analytics use soars among top galleries. The gap between the sales analytics “haves” and “have-nots” will shrink as underperforming galleries increase their use by more than 180% over the next 12–18 months. Data analysis helps teams make more informed decisions and find improvement opportunities. The best galleries not only collect customer data, they also analyze and act upon that data to make more informed, behavior-based decisions that fuel customer success.

While high performers such as WFA have cracked the code on these new technologies allowing real time insights, the surge among galleries and advisors at all levels is spiking and expected to continue. The focus of our business has been and will continue to be private sales of blue chip artworks. Market knowledge (including tax and art finance), contacts, and low overhead is the value we provide.

In the industrial revolution machines replaced physical labor. Now new technologies are replacing cognitive tasks. Humans, therefore, will have to become more adept at things that machines can’t do, namely dealing with other humans; social skills will trump cognitive skills in the marketplace.

The truth is that the art business is all too human. While technologies will continue to become exponentially more powerful, the decisions we make are still our own.



Presenting The Wellington- a new art gallery center on Madison Avenue, the premier shopping destination and the highest income zip code in the country. The most prestigious galleries and the biggest names in fashion are housed along the avenue, particularly north from Barneys New York on East 60th Street. With glistening store fronts and some of the world’s most coveted couture, Madison Avenue is the epitome of New York luxury and style.

Now that auction houses routinely charge 25% buyer’s premium, we decided the time is perfect to launch an art gallery center on the Upper East Side. Collectors will mingle with gallerists, auction specialists, and journalists while enjoying drinks, music and sumptuous fare.

Art has become incredibly serious, as prices of select artists have reached unprecedented levels. Because of this, art is being primarily presented online virtually with an emphasis on auction results and endless contradictory scholarly essays.

Art is supposed to be enjoyed in a social environment, experienced viscerally — not hidden in a storage facility in Singapore or Geneva. This is how art was originally presented, and how Wellington became a major dealer of 18th Century English furniture at 121 East 70th Street from 1968-1996.

By bringing participants together in an exciting, uplifting and fun environment, we believe deals will flow.

Won’t you join us? Together — let’s make the art business great again.

Madison Ave live/ art gallery space is available. Floor plan below.

Email or call (212) 628-1060 for details.



It is a wonderful work with Pollack-like splashes reminiscent of 60’s abstractions. The colors are classic 80’s Francis, delicately and perfectly arranged.

The final result is a controlled, mature Sam Francis painting. This calculated execution versus the “playing around” evident in his earlier works, has created great interest in this work.

Please note that the work is in its original frame with sticker and an irregularly large piece of glass.



The Spring Benefit Auction March 8th is marketed to 6,000+ distinguished alumni. The highlight is The Collection of Steve Steinberg. NY Central supplied de Kooning, Pollack, Warhol, Rosenquist, Hockney, Sam Francis, Wesselmann, & Chuck Close with art supplies in exchange for artwork.


Please let us know if you have any works by the above artists or if you would like to discuss a show at our gallery in the Hamptons this summer.


We are sad to announce the passing of Robert Baras, an incredible artist and wonderful person. On Exhibit in our Westhampton Beach gallery and website.


Benefit dinners every Saturday night with a prominent Manhattan cultural institution throughout the summer followed by big name concerts at WHBPAC!


Sign up for the first annual collector and dealer doubles tournament.



Happy Holidays! The Best Offer. These works would best be seen in person at our Westhampton Beach gallery by appointment * :

The Best Offer has been carefully prepared for the following:

1) Nominations for Guest Curators and Board Members. Auction houses who foresee the value of these artists and THE WELLINGTON.

2) Journalists, Media, Publicists, Estate Lawyers and Talent Agents.

3) Collectors and Novice Collectors. Included are great works by Internationally renown artists with unsurpassed talent- Lindsey Nobel.

5) Realtors and Art Advisors/ Consultants 50% of (WFA’s commission)

* Those who transact receive a membership card to THE WELLINGTON NYC avoiding a potentially lengthy committee application process.

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WOODS by Jim Whitty Oil On Canvas 4′ 7″ x 3′

$25,000    $15,000

22 x 20 inches registered gouache

very important early work 1945

A once in a lifetime opportunity

Price on request

Gouaches by Alexander Calder

29 1/2 x 42 inches Price on request

1953 Registered in the archives of the Calder Foundation

Trees By The River by Robert Baras

BOB BARAS © 2015

Trees by the River 1998

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 72″ X 48”

$25,000   $10,000

Blue Nude # 10

Tom Wesselmann Blue Nude  oil on canvas price on request

11 x 12 inches 2002



THE WELLINGTON: 15,000 square ft. + opening on the Upper East Side Spring 2016.  Gallery rental space is available. We welcome any secondary market artist exhibition ideas as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us (917) 583-5301


Some of Twombly and Dubufeet’s critics—and they had many—likened their work to nothing more than child’s play. But this was their genius. Isn’t the child, with so little inhibition, scribbling solely from instinct and impulse? The child is the quintessential authentic artist: untrained, motivated by only what is visceral. It was their wisdom to infuse this aesthetic with their own intellectual touch.The recent record sale prices achieved by Cy Twombly and Jean Dubuffet suggest an emerging collecting trend toward more whimsical styles of art . The world has become so complex that people increasingly appreciate these compositions more than ever before.

  Cy Twombly

Untitled , 1964

 Graphite, coloured pencil,   

 wax crayon and ballpoint 

 pen  on paper 27.3 x 39.3 in

 (69.34 x 99.82 cm)


Writing and language also served as major conceptual foundations for Twombly’s mostly abstract art. In addition to the written word – in the form of poems, myths, and histories – he also focused on the process of writing, both by sketching unidentifiable doodles and splotches or words directly onto the canvas and by creating line-based compositions, often inspired by handwriting. Through these methods, he was often able to suggest subtle narratives that lay beneath the surfaces of his paintings.

Much of Twombly’s work is a direct reflection of, response to, and re-working of the ancient Greco-Roman past that surrounded him in his chosen home in Rome. Inspirations came from Greek and Roman mythology, history, and places, French Neo-classicism, and contemporary graffiti on ancient local walls.

Jean Dubuffet comp

Paysage au château (avec 3 personnages) , 1975 acrylic on canvas 38 1/4 x 51 1/8 in. (97 x 130 cm) Initialed and dated “J.D. 75” lower right.

 Estimate $600,000 – 800,000 

 sold for $1,349,000

 Wellington is offering three works 

 superior in composition and price.

 Please call us for details (212) 


Jean Dubuffet disliked authority from a very early age. Although he was well-educated, he came to reject his studies, preferring to educate himself by reading the work of Dr. Hans Prinzhorn, who drew comparisons between the art of asylum inmates and the artwork of children. Dubuffet was launched to success with a series of exhibitions that opposed the prevailing mood of post-war Paris and consequently sparked enormous scandal. While the public looked for a redemptive art and a restoration of old values, Dubuffet confronted them with childlike images that satirized the conventional genres of high art.

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