The Best Offer

Happy Holidays! The Best Offer. These works would best be seen in person at our Westhampton Beach gallery by appointment * :

The Best Offer has been carefully prepared for the following:

1) Nominations for Guest Curators and Board Members. Auction houses who foresee the value of these artists and THE WELLINGTON.

2) Journalists, Media, Publicists, Estate Lawyers and Talent Agents.

3) Collectors and Novice Collectors. Included are great works by Internationally renown artists with unsurpassed talent- Lindsey Nobel.

5) Realtors and Art Advisors/ Consultants 50% of (WFA’s commission)

* Those who transact receive a membership card to THE WELLINGTON NYC avoiding a potentially lengthy committee application process.

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WOODS by Jim Whitty Oil On Canvas 4′ 7″ x 3′

$25,000    $15,000

22 x 20 inches registered gouache

very important early work 1945

A once in a lifetime opportunity

Price on request

Gouaches by Alexander Calder

29 1/2 x 42 inches Price on request

1953 Registered in the archives of the Calder Foundation

Trees By The River by Robert Baras

BOB BARAS © 2015

Trees by the River 1998

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 72″ X 48”

$25,000   $10,000

Blue Nude # 10

Tom Wesselmann Blue Nude  oil on canvas price on request

11 x 12 inches 2002