NYC Insurance Company 132 works

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JANUARY 2017 Private Placements

1) 132 framed works from a NYC insurance company for only $3,500. The collection consists of hand signed edition works, posters and original paintings. All are beautifully framed and suited for an office or home.

2) On a first come basis, our remaining Salvador Dali Pantagruel inventory will be offered at 50% off.



Dr. Alex Rosenberg has directed owners to place their collections through Wellington Fine Art.

the rare suite on permanent display in Paris

with a recent opening in Colombia at Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I have included an auction result as you requested as well as the Salvador Dali price guide front cover and Pantagruel listing.

These works primarily trade privately so there is no auction precedent. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Your special price is $2,500 each. The Dali Price Guide lists their value at over $7,000 EACH.

Below are images from the Salvador Dali suite titled “Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantagruel”.  These original color lithographs are hand signed by the artist and numbered.  Made in 1973, it is listed in the Albert Field Catalogue on pages 173-174, number 73-7 (A-Y).  Each lithograph measures 65 x 48 cm on 76 x 54 cm.