Andy Warhol vs Dow Jones

Dear Subscriber,

On Novemer 9, 2018 you received an email regarding the disposition of a client’s Warhol collection. Quite a few of the pieces have sold. Some of the best ones are still available. Similar works on paper which appear at auction are in poor to horrible condition.

After close inspection and conversations with Warhol scholars, I recommend the following as a mint investment:


Mick Jagger II 143 1975

Edition of 250

43 1/2 x 29 in.

Signed in pencil lower right and numbered in pencil lower left

Some are signed in felt pen

Most of the prints are also signed in black, green or red felt pen by Mick Jagger

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. RARE

Last auction value for 2018: $131,769, no others shown as sales in 2018.

Superman from Myths (F. & S. II.260) Screenprint in colors 1981

Edition of 200

Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board

38 in.; Width 38 in. / Height 96.5 cm.; Width 96.4 cm.

Edition of 250

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

Last few auction values for 2018: $200,000; $237,500; $212,500; $218,000

Eagle from Endangered Species 1983

Edition of 150

38 x 38 in.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

Andy Warhol

Moonwalk F.S. II 404 (Yellow), F.S. II 405 (Pink), 1987

Edition of 160

38 x 38 in (each) 

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

2018 auction values $170,000 each