Boogie Woogie, 2006

Acrylic on canvas
36 × 24 × 2 in | 91.4 × 61 × 5.1 cm
Unique work
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
Artist :
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Yong Jo Ji is a multifaceted artist celebrated for his mastery over diverse mediums, including encaustic, oil, and mixed media. His oeuvre is a rich tapestry that explores profound Buddhist themes relating to the interconnectedness of man and nature. Drawing from subject matters as varied as music, love, and the cosmos, his art serves as an expansive dialogue with viewers, inviting them to contemplate existential questions and universal truths.

His innovative approach to art is born from an intrinsic sense of experimentation. Ji’s expertly curated palette and abstract composition are not mere aesthetic choices, but carefully crafted elements that deepen the emotional and intellectual impact of his work. These creative decisions are honed by years of elite formal training, making him not just an artist, but a scholar of the craft.

Ji’s art is an eloquent testament to his unwavering conviction to contribute to the betterment of the planet. His paintings are not just visual spectacles; they are philosophical dialogues, intended to awaken a sense of responsibility and stewardship for Mother Earth. This commitment is also manifest in his consistent engagement with literary painting traditions that are deeply rooted in Asian philosophical principles, as well as elements of conceptual, post-modern, and abstract art forms.

One recurring motif in his work is the “talisman,” an emblem that crystallizes his conviction in the transformative power of art. For Ji, the talisman is more than just a symbol; it is his rallying cry for the belief that art possesses the capacity to not only reflect the human condition but also to uplift it. He sees art as a redemptive force, capable of enacting change and potentially saving humanity itself.

Through his work, Yong Jo Ji challenges us to engage with art as a vessel for change, urging us to see it as a tool for personal and communal enlightenment. His canvases serve as sacred spaces where aesthetics and ethics converge, offering us a glimpse into a world that harmoniously blends beauty with a higher purpose.


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