Art Loans at 5-7%


SEEKING: A Warhol portrait, not a socialite, but from the later years, such as Einstein, Hitchcock, John Lennon.

AVAILABLE: A Basquiat and Frankenthaler canvas. Calder gouaches and Dali lithographs.

AVAILABLE: A Basquiat and Frankenthaler canvas. Calder gouaches and Dali lithographs.

15,900 sq ft total available on six floors.

5,900 sq ft still available for first rate art galleries

(5,000 sq ft leased for leading art finance company)

(5,000 sq ft leased for galleries)

 Please call (212) 628-1060 for details

Our aim is to expedite the current gallery paradigm shift to the Upper East Side. We seek to add value and enhance the lives of our clients and partners.

The two by invitation previews over the past month were very well attended. I am profoundly fortunate to be a part of such a team- a team with the imagination to see what others don’t. Great teams are passionate; they love to solve the important problems of our time.

We decided to go for the best: The best galleries, the best neighborhood, the best architecture, the best events- in order to attract the best people.

The Wellington Month #2 


We are significantly expanding our team of analysts and trusted, knowledgable advisors. Welcome to the age of buyer sophistication, where behaviors and expectations are fueled by the constant information streams at collectors’ fingertips.

The Wellington Art Center (WAC) will be a social listening platform allowing organizations to connect with their clients and build new relationships. Teams that sell together, create trends and win together.

Achieving sales excellence takes a village. High performers are nearly 3x more likely than underperformers to view sales as 100% the responsibility of the entire organization. Winning teams are also connecting with customers. High-Performing Teams Are Always Finding New Ways to Connect with Customers.

Advisors that are rising to the top are those who have mastered a holistic collector approach — they know that today’s sophisticated buyer has an equally complex and unique relationship with their advisor, galleries and auction houses.

Sophisticated customers pervade the market. Analytics use soars among top galleries. The gap between the sales analytics “haves” and “have-nots” will shrink as underperforming galleries increase their use by more than 180% over the next 12–18 months. Data analysis helps teams make more informed decisions and find improvement opportunities. The best galleries not only collect customer data, they also analyze and act upon that data to make more informed, behavior-based decisions that fuel customer success.

While high performers such as WFA have cracked the code on these new technologies allowing real time insights, the surge among galleries and advisors at all levels is spiking and expected to continue. The focus of our business has been and will continue to be private sales of blue chip artworks. Market knowledge (including tax and art finance), contacts, and low overhead is the value we provide.

In the industrial revolution machines replaced physical labor. Now new technologies are replacing cognitive tasks. Humans, therefore, will have to become more adept at things that machines can’t do, namely dealing with other humans; social skills will trump cognitive skills in the marketplace.

The truth is that the art business is all too human. While technologies will continue to become exponentially more powerful, the decisions we make are still our own.