Wellington Fine Art Park Avenue Armory 2015

Thomas Sellin

About Wellington Fine Art

Founding Legacy

Wellington Fine Art is not merely a gallery; it’s an institution. Founded in a Georgian townhouse at 121 East 70th Street in 1960 by Neil and June Sellin, we have cultivated a reputation for procuring the unattainable. Our collections have grown to include exclusive Korean art and photography, in addition to rare masterpieces that have eluded even the most discerning collectors.

Authority in the Field

Thomas Sellin, the esteemed curator and driving force behind Wellington Fine Art, operates from a foundation laid by decades of immersion in the world of fine art. He is no stranger to exclusive circles, having grown up in the company of illustrious collectors such as John Paul Getty and Gilbert de Botton. Under his aegis, the gallery’s offerings have been meticulously curated to reflect nothing short of excellence.

Academic Pedigree and Professional Prowess

Thomas is a well-educated connoisseur, holding a B.A. from William and Mary and having completed graduate studies in art history at Lingua Viva in Florence and Columbia University in New York. His tenure at Citibank and North Fork Bank (1996-2006) provided him with a distinct acumen for the financial nuances of art collection. Between 2008-2012, Thomas was the go-to expert for heavyweight collectors like John Paulson and Joe Sitt, aiding them in acquiring almost 100 off-market works by Alexander Calder.

Strategic Mastery

Since 2012, Thomas has strategically steered Wellington Fine Art toward specializing in Korean art and photography—a prescient move that has set us apart from other galleries. Highly esteemed collectors laud Thomas’s unmatched depth of knowledge and resourcefulness, characteristics that are invaluable when navigating the intricate corridors of the art market.

Exceptional Inventory

Our gallery walls are adorned with works of art that are the epitome of what ambitious collectors strive to possess: Calder oil paintings, master Surrealist pieces, an engrossing self-portrait by Chuck Close, and a captivating Wesselmann nude, to name a few.

Insight for Emerging Collectors

If you are an aspiring collector, be advised that securing a piece from Wellington Fine Art is not an immediate transaction but a long-term commitment. We don’t just sell art; we cultivate relationships. Our discerning process has resulted in multi-year waiting lists, an indicator of both our quality and the demand for our exclusive portfolio.

A Commitment to Community

Outside the arena of fine art, Thomas demonstrates a commitment to philanthropy and community enrichment. He has imparted life skills and discipline to hundreds of children through tennis coaching in New York City and the Hamptons.

At Wellington Fine Art, we do not merely transact in works of art; we are the arbiters of taste, the custodians of legacy, and the brokers of unparalleled acquisitions. Experience the pinnacle of art collecting with us.

-Tom Olsen

“I’ve definitely felt that there’s a certain hazing ritual in art buying,” said June Sellin, who often works with first-time buyers and young collectors. “Galleries literally want your C.V. and that of your client” before they will part with their best inventory. Buyers, in turn, want to be certain their works are “right”. “We learned the hard way,” continues June Sellin (click below ) As a result, we have developed connections at the foundations of all the major artists enabling us to expedite a cumbersome process. We are at the forefront of restoration techniques and know where to send works accordingly. We only work with the most experienced canvas and paper professionals. We guarantee effective, aggressive representation. Our history of success speaks volumes.