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There are over a million art galleries, 2,500 auction houses and 500 million art collectors world wide.
Using a team of highly seasoned auction experts and data scientists
Who study art market trends and auction results to make informed decisions.
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Investing In Art

Why Collect Art?

Art has proven to be an outstanding asset class which has outperformed stocks bonds and real estate. Even during the financial crisis art lost significantly less.
  • Bring joy and entertainment to your life
  • Build a store of wealth non correlated to the stock market
  • Inflation hedge
  • Establish a legacy which tells your story
  • Multiple tax advantages (Inquire)
  • Manhattan is the center of the art market
  • Easily transportable
  • Immediate collateral in lean times
  • The wealthy and big banks collect art
  • Attend great events


  • Private placement of investment quality art
  • Advisory and Appraisal
  • Half shares co-investment
  • Art financing to help our collectors
  • Fractional shares of masterpiece
  • Extensive auction house connections
  • Low overhead means better prices for our clients

Explore The Collection

Most of the works by these artists reside in top museums all over the world. Accessing them requires the utmost trust and confidence from our clients. Thus we require verification to view.

Alexander Calder
Egon Schiele

Our Expertise

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